Welcome to Mariceuticals East Div.

Joanne Anthony and her team bring the miracles of cannabis/hemp based products to the East with the expertise of experienced and trusted west coast science Joanne@mariceuticals.ca

J/W Mariceuticals Inc. is committed to the distribution of top quality hemp and cannabis based products with complete transparency and forthright service, providing the simplest avenue for researching and attaining our products. We provide a natural option, clinically-proven and, in our opinion, healthier than many contemporary foods and pharmaceuticals. We provide a quality product to our clients in a safe, reliable manner. Through our online store or Top Quality products from Okanagan Green Hemp we support Canadian hemp farmers and legal producers to maintain a hands on approach. J/W Mariceuticals supported products are supplied to grocery stores, health and nutrition shops , medical clubs and dispensaries across Canada TRUSTED BY THE PROFESSIONALS !!!! Please Visit : www.TheHemp.info To Get The Hemp Facts and www.greenpanel.info for cannabinoid practitioner information